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Nubs and Sneakers Preview Released!

2009-03-05 21:15:44 by CrazyManProductions

The preview for our upcoming first series Nubs and Sneakers has been uploaded! After a lot of brainstorming and concept drawing, we've got enough story ideas in mind to make the first bunch of episodes!

A chicken wearing sneakers literally falls into a crazy jungle island filled with monkeys, giant bananas, ninja flying squirrels, aliens, and a renegade chef! His only friend...the dumbest monkey on the island...or is he?

Visit CrazyManPro.com soon for updates and a process blog on the creation and possible release date for episode 1!


Nubs and Sneakers Preview Released!


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2009-03-06 21:18:17

sooo funnny cant wait


2009-03-19 12:50:27

Looks good.
I can't figure out why no one visited your page...


2009-03-21 14:57:04

looks friggin awesome.. pm me when you have a flash up.. im excited to see this


2009-03-27 17:41:54

I love nubs! I will be his fan club!! NUBS!! :D


2009-03-28 06:09:27

dude i saw the preview, cant wait for the real thing. . . .whens it coming out?


2009-03-29 22:45:30

Looking forward to it!